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Remote Database Management

KA Technologies® Remote Database Management provides an affordable and effective alternative for the administration of your Postgres, Aurora, Redshift, Dynamo, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and DB2 databases.  By leveraging our expertise in database administration, your organization can refocus your experts on your mission critical applications and strategic initiatives.

We have been refining our expertise in database administration over the last ten years at the Pentagon Joint Staff J8, and the FBI Cyber, Security, and IT Operations Divisions. Our expertise is now available to your organization through Remote Database Management: in the following areas:

  • Monitoring and tuning database performance
  • Monitoring and managing database storage
  • Monitoring and managing database network connectivity
  • Monitoring and managing database backups
  • Investigating and diagnosing critical database errors
  • Database security and bug-fix related patch testing and implementation
  • Database hardening

We are 100% USA based.  Getting started is as simple as contacting us to discuss your database administration needs.

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